SiegeGG was acquired by Gfinity PLC

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Today, SiegeGG, the esports media company I co-founded in 2017, was acquired by Gfinity, a UK esports and gaming solutions provider.

It’s truly incredible to me how far SiegeGG has come, from a small Discord server to a professional media company receiving millions of page views every month. It feels like yesterday when we started SiegeGG; and we’re still following our mission to bring the R6 community the best coverage of Rainbow Six Siege esports.

Thank you to every current & former team member, to every Rainbow Six fan using SiegeGG, to every member of the talent team using our stats for the live broadcast to hundreds of thousands of viewers, and to all players participating in the tournaments we’ve covered. Without these amazing people in the Rainbow Six community, SiegeGG wouldn’t be where it is today. <3