SiegeGG updates

Impromptu design for the SiegeGG Year 7 Awards!
I’ve been working on context-specific AI-generated image descriptions. Cool stuff, and huge low-cost potential for accessibility and SEO! Example: “Players of esports team DarkZero celebrating thei...
SiegeGG was acquired by Gfinity PLC
Launched SiegeGG 2.0
Migrating SiegeGG to Vue
SiegeGG Pro release
We started tracking talent for Six Major events. 👀
Congrats to DarkZero for winning the Six Charlotte Major. 🏆 As usual, we honor winner of a Six Major on the SiegeGG home page with our winner widget.
SiegeGG Pro just became more powerful by visualizing attacker repicks.
The SiegeGG home page (including the game center) is ready for the #SixMajor Berlin! I’ve redesigned it to use the full width as we can finally use it thanks to the different placements of Mediavin...
SiegeGG UI is our brand new UI component library. We’ve decided to move all our interfaces to Vue to improve performance, UX, and frontend maintainability, so this is what I’m working on right now....
Condensed the top of our match pages and removed duplicate information. 📊
Thanks to our awesome editorial team, we were able to create these simple but useful operator pages.
Launched SiegeGG Competitions! 🚀
Released our player pages to the public, finally! ✨
With the Six Invitational event starting today, I’ve built this “Game Center” for the SiegeGG home page. It features • meta information about the competition, • match results & a daily schedule, • ...